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Springfield Debtors Relief Lawyer

Springfield Debtors Relief Lawyer

Between the pandemic, inflation, and an uneven economic recovery, many responsible people find themselves unable to keep up with their debts. If you are one of them, you might be enduring harassing phone calls and almost daily letters from creditors and collection agencies.

You might have seen debt relief agencies advertising on TV or found them after a Google search. Hopefully, you have figured out that these agencies take a substantial fee to make payment arrangements that leave you still drowning in debt.

There are legal means of securing debt relief that free you from harassment and the emotional burden of crushing debt without the need to declare bankruptcy. A Springfield debtors relief lawyer could defend you against collection actions and negotiate workable solutions to your money problems.

Debtors Relief Can Give You Breathing Room

Creditors expect payment in full and on time every month. When a debtor misses a payment or two, the creditor often sends letters demanding payment. If the debtor misses a few more payments, the original creditor often sells the debt to a collection agency for pennies on the dollar. The agency then adds interest and various fees while engaging in aggressive conduct to intimidate the debtor into paying.

In most cases, our skilled debtors relief attorneys in Springfield may be able to stop the harassment and negotiate a reduction of the debt. Many times, the agency is willing to settle for a small percentage of the debt owed to the original creditor. We conduct negotiations to settle debts owed to:

  • Agricultural lenders
  • Automobile financing companies
  • Banks
  • Collection agencies
  • Credit card companies
  • Education lenders
  • Mortgagors
  • Payday loan companies

We could also represent debtors in actions involving unscrupulous debt consolidation, credit repair, and debt relief companies.

Most creditors are open to negotiations once a legal professional can demonstrate a debtor’s inability to pay. They will often agree to accept half or less of the debt owing, might waive interest, penalties, and fees, and allow the debtor to pay in installments. The actual agreement depends on multiple factors including the debtor’s financial position, their total indebtedness, and the age of the debt.

Anthony Phillips

Anthony Phillips

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Creditor Lawsuits

Defending Creditor Lawsuits Prevents Default Judgments

Creditors sometimes sue a debtor. Their strategy is to get a default judgment, which allows them to garnish the debtor’s wages and attach their assets to satisfy the judgment.

Sadly, overwhelmed debtors can play into their hands by ignoring a summons or failing to respond promptly when served with legal papers. When a debtor immediately involves a Springfield attorney, our team could work to avoid a default judgement. Sometimes, we are able to find deficiencies in the creditor’s case that allow resolution of the matter with no payment from the debtor.

Even if a creditor has already obtained a default judgment, a lawyer could help. Missouri Supreme Court Rule 74.06 allows a judge to set aside a default judgment in some cases. A debtor must act quickly, however, because the court will only consider a motion that is brought within one year of the date the judgment was entered.


What Our Clients Say

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Sebastian Lewis
"Attorney Anthony Phillips did an amazing job defending me against an improper lawsuit. The pleadings he filed for me were incredibly detailed and resulted in a complete dismissal of everything with prejudice so they can never file against me again!! I highly recommend attorney Anthony Phillips if you are sued by credit card companies or banks! Thank you so much!!"
Connor M.
"Anthony always has a great tactical strategy. He handled my issues professionally and with care."
Linda C.
"I HIGHLY reccoemmend Anthony Phillips. He did an amazing job in our divorce case- he really made our divorce easy to do for both of us."
James Moss
Attorney Anthony Philips is an amazing lawyer! Anthony did an amazing job with my credit card case and got me the results I needed! Very timely, polite and gets the job done fast and easy! Really shows that he cares about his clients! 10/10 highly recommend!
Skye Chipps
Anthony was a fabulous lawyer who was very knowledgeable and helpful and honest. He did exactly what needed to be done for my case in a timely manner. We were doing a stepparent adoption to get my then stepdaughters (now adopted daughters) safe. He walked us through everything that needed to be done, helped us with a payment plan, and he was very communicative.
Brian Stamper
Attorney Anthony Phillips listened carefully to my situation and understood my case well. He came up with a solution and followed through with what he said that he would do. Everything worked out perfectly and he is awesome. I highly recommend him.
Rob Adelman
Debtor Attorney Anthony Philips is amazingly helpful. He is compassionate, attentive, smart. He always goes above and beyond to assist whomever he can.
Terry Bronson
Anthony is an excellent attorney. He has been honest and supportive during my divorce and child custody case. He is punctual and is good at communicating hard to understand situations and circumstances that have come up. His prices are fair and he has fought for my cause during a very troubling time. I recommend him and Have recommended him for any legal needs.
Lori Ragain
Anthony Phillips is a very kind and professional lawyer. He has helped me immensely with my debit recovery. I highly recommend Anthony for any debit recovery you need.
Katie Haynes
Anthony Phillips has helped me tremendously in my case. He was attentive, kind, and fair. You can tell he really cares for his clients, and truly has a great heart. I'm happy to have him in my life.
Joseph Garris
Attorney Anthony Phillips is one of the best attorneys around. He's very knowledgeable and has gone above and beyond to help me with my situation.
Attorney Protects

Working With an Attorney Protects You From Creditor Harassment

Debt collectors have a well-deserved reputation for shady tactics. They use harassment and intimidation to scare debtors into paying, sometimes persuading them to enter punishing agreements that keep the debtor paying for years.

Working with a Springfield attorney could relieve a debtor of the stress of dealing with creditors. Once the creditor is informed that a debtor has legal representation, the creditor may no longer contact the debtor directly.

In addition, federal law prohibits many of the practices disreputable collection agencies frequently employ. When a legal professional represents a debtor, they could hold the agency accountable and force them to abide by the law.

Talk to a Springfield Attorney About Your Debt Repayment Concerns

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Life can feel overwhelming when you have debts you cannot pay. Creditors might be trying to bully you into paying with money you do not have or cannot spare. You might have looked into debt relief options and realized most of them are scams.

There are legal alternatives to bankruptcy that can resolve your debt. Reach out to a Springfield debtors relief lawyer to discuss your situation and explore options that will work for you. Get started today.

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